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Crown cork production in accordance with GOST 32624-2014.


Modern Italian equipment Sacmi allows to produce up to 1,000,000,000  caps per year.

Crown caps are available for ordering "twist-off" (profile P912) and "pry-off" (profile 916).

The sealing gasket (at the request of the customer) can be made from various materials, based on the preferences of the customer and the final product to be sealed.

Also, on the inner side of the crown cap, if necessary, a Jet-ink print can be applied (promotions, graphic information, and so on).

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Production of twist-off lug caps

The twist-off caps are available in the following types:

  • Diameter 82 mm; RSB (with safety button)

  • Diameter 82 mm; RTS

  • Diameter 66 mm; RSB (with safety button)

  • Diameter 66 mm; RTS

At the request of the customer, a multicolor print can be applied on the outside.

A sealing gasket of two types is applied to the inner surface of the twist-off cap - for sterilization or pasteurization.

All types of twist-off caps are produced at a subsidiary - TAS Sintez, located in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.


Tinplate coating & printing services.

Coating&printing on tinplate is carried out with materials from leading European manufacturers that have food approvals and certificates of conformity.

A wide range of coatings, varnishes and enamels allows us to choose the right material for each type of future metal packaging.

Modern English equipment Crabtree of Gateshead allows to apply high-quality multicolor printing and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customer.

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